During this time many people the wrong perception about the condition of osteoporosis (bone loss) and calcification (osteoarthritis). Though both conditions are two very different things. 

Difference between osteoporosis (bone loss) and calcification(osteoarthritis):

1. Osteoporosis is bone loss or bone abnormalities in the milk and the rightmedicine. While calcification or osteoarthritis is an abnormality in joints.

2. Osteoporosis patients never complained of ill will, so when she complained of painbut he was not osteoporotic fractures. If there are no broken bones so he will not complain. But if calcification then the patient will always feel the pain because the joints are moving. Treatment does not all have seen the first operation because its phases could be just by changing his lifestyle.

4. Calcification can be started from the age of 20 years and it was normal because includes process degeneration, the only problem is that mild to severe and cause complaints. Some things can aggravate much up and down stairs for example, often wear high heels for women or often squat jump.

5. Osteoporosis can be prevented by consuming milk from an early age so that the deposit is essentially good or strong. This is because the peak deposit occurs at age 5-35 years.

6. In severe calcification, patients can not have the operation but had to change his lifestyle for example by using a shoe that fits, wear sandals soft cushions, using a stick or if it is old in a wheelchair when walking.

7. There are certain conditions that make it calcification should perform an operation such as joint-change operation (Total Knee Arthroplasty). Average of 1.5 months after operation patients can walk home normally rehabilitation programs went well and before he had to use a cane and physiotherapy.

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